Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory


The Chemistry laboratory was established in order to contribute to the education at the undergraduate level and carry out research projects at the graduate level.

Tests and Analysis Performed in the Laboratory:

  • Preparation of etchants used in chemical etching of metallic materials,
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of specimens before analysis,
  • pH measurement of solutions before and after analysis,


  • pH Meter
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Magnetic Stirrer and Heater
  • Vacuum Arc Melting System
  • Electrospinning Device

pH Meter, WTW 3110

The pH values of solutions in the range of 01 to 14 at 0-100oC can be determined after the calibration procedure is completed using standard buffer solutions.

Magnetic Stirrers and Heaters:

These machines are employed for preparing the solutions by changing the temperature and mixing rate. There is one active magnetic stirrer and heater in the chemistry laboratory.

Electrospinning Device:

This machine is employed for producing the ceramic and polymeric fibers.

Ultrasonic Cleaner:

LC130 H Ultrasonic cleaner is generally employed for cleaning and disinfection of technical glass products (pipette, beaker, burette, etc.) and metallic materials. Ultrasonic waves spread throughout the entire reservoir owing to the large surface agitation system. Cleaning is carried out at a constant frequency independent from the specimen dimensions. The cleaner can be operated either continuously or for a specified time range. It is possible to heat the water in the steel reservoir and empty the reservoir relief valve.

Vacuum Arc Melter:

It is possible to melt metals which have a melting point higher than 2000oC with a laboratory type vacuum arc melting (VAM) furnace (Edmund Bühler Model). Homogenous alloys can be produced under a protective inert gas (Argon) atmosphere. The melting process is performed by using the Tungsten (W) electrode. The W electrode is moved by a joystick over samples to melt them. Melting is done inside the water-cooled copper hearth which has six circulars and a cylindrical melting mold on it.