Laboratory Service Working Systems

  1. This system covers all the existing laboratory in Metalurgy and Materials Engineering Department
  2. All the requests from university acadamic staff, public, private person and enterprices are evaluated in the framework of this system
  3. The claimants make their applications directly to the Laboratory Services Unit
  4. The samples for requested test and analyses are to be handed in directly to the Laboratory Services Unit and the form of buisness demand need to be filled out and signed and the relevant pre negotiations made oral or written are to be described in the explanation section of the form
  5. The samples with the Laboratory request form number are to be delivered to the relevant Equipment Coordinator via Laboratory Services Unit. The laboratory Equipment Coordinator can not accept and has no authority to accept the samples without a given requested number from this Services Unit
  6. The concerned Laboratory Equipment Coordinator conveys the received samples to the Equipment personnel who will do the requested work and make sure that the working registry book are filled out in full within the start and end of the work
  7. The Equipment Personnel carry out the requested work and registry all the works done in to the work follow schedule
  8. The concerned Laboratory Equipment Coordinator hand in the test and analyses results to the Laboratory Services Unit , this Unit prepare a report out of these results and Lecturers in charge of this laboratory sign the report
  9. The official reports are to be received from Department secretary by giving a signature
  10. R&D Works of Academic Staff will be conducted according to the working systems as described above, in this respect “Faculty members research ethics” principles are to be considered in order to carry out healty R&D Works
  11. Equipment Coordinator is at the same time Equipment Personnel, who organizes all the experiments and creates work Schedule according to request number
  12. For R&D Works the necessary preparations and operations will be done by the researcher who does the research. Thus Equipment Personnel determines and carries out the work Schedule with the R&D worker together