Ceramic Laboratory

Ceramic Laboratory


The Ceramics Laboratory was founded to research the microstructure-property-performance relation of ceramic materials, observe the factors which affect general behavior in use and preparation, and the production and properties of technical ceramics.

Tests and Analysis Performed in the Laboratory:

  • Drying, heat-treating and sintering of ceramic raw materials and coatings,
  • Rheological behavior investigation of ceramic suspensions and solutions,
  • Thermogravimetric analysis of ceramic raw materials,
  • Specific surface area, pore size distribution and total pore volume measurements,


  • Specific surface area (BET) – Pore Size Distribution Analyzer
  • Rheometer
  • DTA/TG
  • Viscosimeter
  • Jet Milling Machine
  • Sieve Set (3350-63µm)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Analytical Balance
  • Powder mixer
  • Pycnometer
  • Hydraulic Press


Thermal properties of the samples are analyzed by DTA/TG equipment as a function of heating under inert or reactive gas atmospheres. These results are used to optimize process parameters in ceramic production. Al2O3 is used as a reference material and Al, Al2O3 or Pt materials are used in crucibles according to the maximum test temperature. The equipment reports weight changes and phase changes in the sample as a function of temperature.


Rheological properties and/or behavior of liquids, solutions, ceramic suspensions and polymeric materials are determined as a function of temperature.


Resistivity to flow of liquids, solutions and ceramic suspensions are determined by viscosimeter. With this equipment using the spindle principle, viscosity values between 5-100000cp (centipoise) ranges can be measured at 25-125oC.

Specific surface area (BET) – Pore Size Distribution Analyzer

Using the software of this equipment, specific surface area measurements of powder or bulk materials can be obtained based on a gas (N2) adsorption technique. Analysis results are given as follows: – Specific surface area (BET) – Total pore volume – Average pore diameter – Pore size distribution

Jet Milling Machine

Jet milling machine has two porcelain jars (1000gr capacity) and is used in the grinding of ceramic raw materials and powders. In this process, the time period is controlled electronically.

Sieve Set

The Sieve Set is used to classify ceramic powders, casting sands and etc., between the ranges 3350-63µm

Hydraulic Press, TUSCERT

Maximum capacity of the equipment is 230 bars. While it is used to form ceramic raw materials by pressing, also it works in manual and automatic modes, can aplly the given load in stages.