Metallography Laboratory

Metallography Laboratory


The Metallography laboratory was established for determination of materials microstructure and metallographic investigation. After the cutting, polishing and etching processes, the materials are examined by optical and stereo microscopes. All images can be transferred to a computer system via digital cameras. Also, micro and nanoscale hardness measurements can be done by micro hardness and dynamic ultrahardness (DUH) devices which are located in the metallography laboratory. Adhesive strength of thin films is examined by a scratch tester machine. Additionally, an atomic force microscope is used for topographic observation of materials.

Tests and Analysis Performed in the Laboratory:

  • Image analysis of microstructure,
  • Measurement of coating thickness,
  • Measurement of micro hardness,
  • Dynamic hardness measurements and determination of elasticity modulus of materials,
  • Scratch testing of coatings and films,
  • Atomic force microscope analysis of surfaces.


  • Microscopes
  • Image analyzers
  • Micro Hardness Testers
  • Dynamic Ultra Micro Hardness Tester
  • Scratch Tester
  • Atomic Force Microscope