Plastic Forming Laboratory

Plastic Forming Laboratory


The laboratory was established for the purpose of investigating the plastic forming properties of materials. In addition, sampling procedures are available using the workshop in this laboratory.

Tests and Analysis Performed in the Laboratory:

  • Studies using hydraulic pressing;, pressing the mixtures of ceramic and metal powders, cold and warm forming,
  • Studies using a wire erosion machine; more sensitive sample preparation and cutting electrically conductive materials with technical drawings in the AUTOCAD Programme format,
  • Thermogravimetric analysis of ceramic raw materials,
  • Repair and maintenance can also be conducted using the tools in the workshop,


  • Hydraulic Press
  • CNC Wire Erosion
  • Lathe
  • Saw
  • Drill

Hydrolic Press, Dirinler CDHH1000-400 Type H

This machine has a capacity of 100 tons. Compression tests and cold-warm extrusion processes can be conducted.

Wire Erosion Machine, Gemini CNC

With this computer, which is a controlled wire erosion machine, every form of sample can be obtained by cutting conductive pieces.

Mechanical Workshop

Lathe, Saws and drills can be used to get appropriate samples.